Anxiety and Depression

Depression symptoms and signs of depression

Oftentimes, we read a lot about the meaning of depression and the causes of depression, yet, we failed to examine the symptoms of depression in depth which we ought to do. Dealing with depression is never easy and it can affect anybody anytime because of reasons that range from peer pressure to discontented romantic life.


Nowadays, mild depression is very common and is experienced with lots of people. Listed below are some signs of depression which could occur in men, women and also in children.  What are also listed are some of the symptoms and signs of postpartum depression which could be helpful.

Signs of Depression in Men

Men not too often show the typical signs and symptoms of depression such as crying and show that they are very sad. They have fallen as preys to the cultural image they kept and would rather keep their feelings and problems hidden under the blanket. Men who suffer from depression would do this more often compared to the usual things normal men would do. On the other hand, because of the feelings which have been suppressed, they will tend to be more aggressive and irritated. Here are several signs of depression which men can possibly go through.

  • Gradual reduction of self-esteem
  • Behavioral patterns which are suicidal
  • Stress
  • No apparent interest in activities which are obviously enjoyable
  • Feels tired always
  • Variations in appetite
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Indifference to the emotions or apathy
  • Have problems associated with sex or with reduced sexual drive
  • Would show hatred frequently or being hostile
  • Have words and actions which are aggressive
  • Recurrent irritation

There may also be physical changes because of depression which might be called as physical signs of depression in men together with the depression symptoms mentioned above. Such signs will include ulcers, blood pressure and cholesterol increase, loss or gain of plenty of weight and the negligence of their physical appearance.


Furthermore, depression can lead to other habits just like addiction to smoking, drugs and alcohol. Most likely, men will engage themselves in activities that will provide them with adrenaline rush because they have assumed that they are capable of taking risks with ease. This could probably result to a total nervous breakdown.

Signs of Depression in Women

Usually, depression can be evident in women at an earlier time compared to men considering that women tend to show or share their feeling more openly than men. During the earlier stages, the common signs of depression can already be seen in women that in most men.


Women usually have remarkable mood swings when they become depressed given that depression for them can be the result of some biological factors such in during the pregnancy state. It is basically true that hormonal changes can sometimes lead to depression in women. What you will see below are some signs of depression seen in women. Take note that these signs and symptoms of depression can vary from one person to another.

  •  Excessive sadness and anxiety
  • Excessive sleeping or inability to sleep
  • Intense emotions
  • Intermittent depressed mood swings
  • Lack of appetite in eating or abrupt increase in appetite
  • Do not have concentration
  • Exhaustion and feelings of weariness
  • Feeling insignificant and desperate regarding oneself
  • Likely to develop suicidal tendency
  • Recurrent pangs of guilt
  • Lack of interest in activities which are enjoyable


Natural and OTC Anxiety/Depression Treatments
Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin-B6 Pyridoxine
Folic Acid
St John’s Wort
Last update:  January 22, 2009

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