Anxiety treatment

There are lots of ways in treating anxiety and depression, yet not all of these methods will be appropriate for you, thus, you have to closely monitor yourself and obtain more information about your condition so that you can decide if the treatment being recommended will either work best for you or not. Among the major disappointments when using these methods individually is that these could be effective for a few people, however, will not help a lot of people who do not have the exact treatment plan.
Let us learn more regarding the typical treatment intended for anxiety:

1. Medication – The use of medications to fight against anxiety and depression will need prescription from healthcare specialists and it is only with their guidance and proper monitoring that patients will obtain the right dosage in order to lessen the dangers of the negative side effects.

2. Herbal – This is recognized as a form of alternative treatment for anxiety. The Chinese and natives have used them for many years in curing their problems and studies have discovered that they are similarly effective  with prescription medications with no side effects and if you want to avoid side effects or maybe the prescribed medicine is not right for you, then you can use medications which are herbal based.

3. Relaxation Exercise – What can be considered very good relaxation exercises are Taiji as well as QiGong because these will aid in the relaxation of mind and body, the restoration of both into healthier conditions, production of body chemicals are is balanced, lessen the anxiety of the mind and will prevent feeding of anxious sense to the human body.
4. Regular Exercise – Thirty minutes of usual exercise on a daily basis will possibly reduce panic attacks, make the panic attacks short in duration and in time, will remove anxiety. When you perform the exercise, your mind will become distracted from the things which will result to anxiety and your body will become healthier with reduced occurrences of the indications of anxiety. These are basically the reasons why exercise is important in every treatment approach for anxiety.

5. Psychological Treatment for Anxiety – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is among the commonest and effective treatments for anxiety and this can be used in conjunction with or without medications. But, medications which are herbal based are recommended for the relief of anxiety.

6. Diaphragmatic or Deep Breathing Exercise – The use of special deep breathing techniques will facilitate the relaxation of mind and body, the increase of oxygen levels and possibly, will diminish the chemical imbalances present in the body. These kinds of methods are very effective for lots of people in terms of the reduction of the duration and also the frequency of panic attacks.
7. Complementary Therapies – Although, these are not exactly anxiety treatments, they are still capable of restoring the body’s health and strength. Examples of these include massage, shiatsu, tuina which is a form of Chinese acupressure treatment, Guasa, acupuncture and also aromatherapy. You will be able to see good results if these therapies are done regularly one or two times in a week in order to relax both the mind and body.


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