Herbs for depression

The antidepressants are commonly the most prescribed drugs in treating persons who are suffering from depression. Yet, these drugs can have side effects that can at times lead to the level of medication that is secondary. Herbs which are provided by Mother Nature are extremely effective for the treatment of depression considering that they are able to cure the causes of depression instead of the symptoms.
Although, there are side effects of the herbal treatments, these are just not significant. Despite that, it is best to consult the practitioners prior to the use of herbal treatments.

1. St. John’s wort which is also known as hypericum perforatum is a well recognized herb for the treatment of depression and anxiety. This is affordable and can be obtained easily and will also act as good sedative that will lessen the sleeplessness which will yield to depression.

2. Basis is a typical growing herb in Asia with a lot of medicinal properties and will also be valuable in the reduction of stress and be able to lift the mood.

3. Passion flower functions as a tranquilizer which can calm down the nerves as it reduces anxiety and insomnia. This kind of herb works gently and is usually the preference when compared with other herbs.

4. Gingko biloba is valuable in the reduction of depression particularly in the elderly, by which their blood circulation in the brain is already reduced. This acts both as excellent antidepressant and anti-oxidant through the increase of blood flow inside the brain while it is capable of increasing the memory.

5. Another natural anti depressant which is effective in the treatment of depression is the Borage leaf juice.Since this is abundant in potassium, this will stimulate the glandular system and will reduce the feeling of sadness, melancholy as well as absentmindedness.

6. Due to the soothing qualities of the lemon balm, this can be used to treat depression similar to mental disorders. This can calm down the crushed nerves and will be helpful to overcome depression.

7. If rosemary is used in sleeping pillows and also in baths, this will have an excellent effect to alleviate depression since this will rejuvenate and infuses a good factor feeling for the depressive individual.
Aside from the negligible side effects of the herbal treatments, these are also extremely cost effective. Although, some herbal treatments can demand for more time but if you weigh the advantages and the disadvantages, you will come to realize that this pays off in the long run.

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