Picamilon for Anxiety and Depression

Picamilon is just GABA bounded to Niacin. Niacin is belongs to the Vitamin-B group family and is a vitamin which is able to penetrate the brain. Niacin is thought to dilate the blood vessels causing an increase in blood flow to the brain. By binding GABA with niacin, GABA would be able to penetrate the brain easily.  GABA in the brain promotes mild relaxation, counteracts anxiety and reduces emotional stress. GABA does this by inhibiting the nerve cells to fire too much. Anxiety is a sign that the nerve cells are overstimulated or are firing too much.


Dosage and Sources:

Picamilon is a synthetic substance that is available over the counter in the US. The typical packaging is 150 mg per capsule.



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Last update:  January 18, 2009

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