Treating anxiety

It is not an easy task to treat anxiety disorders because these will require substantial amount of patience and resilience on the part of the sufferer. The person who is suffering will need to stay hopeful even if the going becomes tough since it is only through this that he will be able to win his life back. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are already lots of various treatment choices available at this time that is why even if a person will fail on a certain treatment, he still has a plethora of other options to pick out.
The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or commonly known as CBT is one of the most favored methods by medical professionals. This is being spread out on a lot of sessions and it will aim to alter and modify an individual’s patterns of thinking so that the behavior of the person will be changed in return. It is hoped that positive changes will also take place on the behavior of the person if the person’s cognitions or perceptions will have positive changes.

On the other hand, Exposure Therapy will also aim in bringing about change on the behavior of the patient, however, unlike CBT, this will have a different approach. As a component of Exposure Therapy, the patient is exposed to his fears slowly and gradually in a controlled as well as secure setting. It is anticipated that when the patient is exposed to the thing or situation resulting to increased fear, he will be able to realize that his fears and also his worries are unjustified and irrational since the thing which was perceived to be dangerous or risky has little or no threat at all.
Even if CBT and Exposure Therapy have strong track record for several people, treating conditions like anxiety disorder would mean using medications in the forms of either the antidepressants or the benzodiazepines. As their name implies, antidepressants are called happy pills  which require the intake for several weeks before you can see any real changes. In the meantime, benzodiazepines are considered to be fast-acting quick fix solutions that will provide immediate relief which is capable of counteracting any symptoms of panic attack which might come out in the open.
No matter whether the patient is taking antidepressants or benzodiazepines,it should be kept in mind that medications may not be the ideal cure for the anxiety disorder since these may have paradoxical effects  wherein rather than treating the anxiety disorder, the pills will only make the situation more worse. This is for the reason that these drugs can be highly addictive in nature and are also recognized to result to different side effects. Though the precise nature of the side effects will vary depending on the situation, the common side effects will occur such as:

  • Sleepiness
  • Feeling clumsy
  • Disoriented and sarcastic
  • Feeling of depression

In extreme cases by which high doses were already taken, the same kinds of drugs which will suppose to make you relax, are also known to cause rage,  mania as well as hallucinations.
Thus, bear in mind that if you plan on taking the medication as the means for the treatment of anxiety disorder, make sure to practice extreme caution  and only do it after you have consulted with your doctor or physician comprehensively.

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